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Bath Soaks are said to have many properties to the whole-body. Some benefits of salt therapy help to calm irritated skin, increase energy, improve circulation, decrease congestion, purify skin, encourage a good night's sleep and relieve sore muscles. Ingredients; himalayan sea salt, coarse sea salt, medium sea salt, fine sea salt, epsom salt, 100% essential oils, natural extracts, natural oils. NO peanut oils, Vegan and Cruelty-Free. Adult use. Suggested use: 1 TBSP to warm water. Taking 30 minutes to yourself during the week to soak in a warm bath is good for the soul. Do NOT use if you have a history of yeast or bacterial infections. Use caution when exiting tub due to infused oils such as; organic jojoba and sunflower used to hydrate and nourish skin. Keep away from moisture. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Parental Discretion.

Bath Soak

  • Water is medicine to the soul as crystals are food to the body. Imagine the stresses we carry in our bodies and how it spills over into our mood and disrupts our lives. Bath Soaks bring positive vibes to our mind, body and mood. 


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