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Why Unicorns?

Unicorns are said to be magical, powerful, unique and beautiful. Unicorns come in all colors but most importantly... if we look at ourselves as Unicorns, we can be whoever we choose to be.


I created Unicorn soaps for my grand-girls so that they would be reminded how special and powerful they are in their own spa-magic!


It's time that we share the love and empower our little girls...

Rise, sparkle and shine

#gounicorn #unicornsarespecial #unicornsarebeautiful #girlmagic


Party Unicorn (bubblegum) defines #blackmagic, authenticity, boldness, creativity, joy and wealth. Made with safe colorants and creamy vanilla extract; shea butter, goat milk and oatmeal for combination skin, organic jojoba and vitamin e. #girlpower


Pink Unicorn (soft) defines love, culture, friendship, tenderness, harmony, serentiy and happiness. Made with safe colorants, sprinkles of whole oatmeal, strawberry, amber and vanilla extracts; shea butter and goat milk for combination skin, organic jojoba and vitamin e. #girlscandoeverything


Unicorn Sprinkle (sweet) a sweet heart, understanding, love, laughter and boldness. Made with colorful soap sprinkles, orange cream, lemon, tangerine, strawberry, raspberry and creamy vanilla extracts, shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, aloe and oatmeal for combination skin, organic jojoba and vitamin e. #allgirlsrock


Size Up to 2.5oz


GMO-free, Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, Phthalate-free, Cruelty-free; vitamin e, safflower oil. Infused with natural extracts and pure fragrance.


Warning*** External use only, not for consumption. Not for daily use, use sparingly. Ages 5 years old and up. Parental discretion. Discontinue immediately if irritation occurs. Not for face nor sensitive/personal areas. Keep away from moisture when not in use. Keep away from small children and pets.

Unicorn Soap

  • Why Pink Unicorn!

    The pink color is welcoming, soft and intimate however the Unicorn is strong, beautiful and determined. Pink Unicorn was created to remind girls that "Dreams do come true". 

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