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For all you Lip Lush Lovers…

Our lip care is vegan and gluten-free. Lip scrubs are gentle and help remove dry, dead and flaky skin while promoting hydrating and healthy layers. Ingredients; fine sugar, brown sugar, shea butter, organic jojoba, organic olive, vitamin e, castor oil, vegetable color and natural color. Use gently up to once a week or as needed. Comes with a lip luffa and mini wooden spatula. 1oz jar $8 Sale


Lip Butters are protective and hydrating. They moisturize, condition and add a hint of natural color. Ingredients, shea butter, avocado, organic jojoba, vitamin e, castor oil, organic coconut oil and natural color. Use as needed. 1/3oz tube $8 Sale


Do NOT add water into containers. Seal lid after use to prevent moisture and bacteria. Test on skin for 24-48 hours prior to full use. Adult use. External use only.

Lip Lush Lovers

$10.00 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price
  • Lip Lush Scrubs promote healthy skin while sloughing away dead cells. Use up to once a week to nourish healthy skin. External use only. Bigger sizes now available (2oz).

    Lip Lush Butters are moisturizing and hydrating and keep lips soft and subtle. Use as needed to protect skin. External use only. Bigger sizes now available (2oz).

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