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Face Scrubs gently removes dead skin, improves blood circulation and reduces blemishes using natural exfoliants like organic coffee, clays and sugars. 4oz


Face Serums make great moisturizers for all skin types. Natural ingredients like avocado, pumpkin seed, organic jojoba, carrot seed, sweet almond, sesame seed and vitamin e provide benefits to help strengthen natural collagen to protect against free radicals. Quality ingredients: The best essential oils are used from local distributors and farmer's markets. 1oz


Our plant-based extracts not only condition the skin but help reduce fine lines. A little goes a long way by absorbing into the skin and promoting healthy cells. The serum base is not heavy or sticky and leave a soothing and lustrous feel. Apply to clean, bare skin as needed, day or night. The scrub leaves the skin more youthful looking.



Face Scrub & Serum

$20.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
  • Face Serums handcrafted with quality essential oils for all skin types.

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